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Inspire students to examine their world through the lens of Turning Points in History. In affiliation with National History Day, build student investment in project-based learning by offering students the opportunity to choose a topic related to the overarching theme. Vermont History Day is a powerful conduit for rich exploration through archival research. Essential questions will drive critical inquiry while bolstering transferable skills like analyzation, interpretation, and presentation. Harness your students' creative abilities to showcase their learning through original papers, exhibits, performances, websites, or documentaries. What will your students teach us about their world from their unique perspective?

National History Day (NHD) programs, including Vermont History Day, are open to all students and teachers without regard to race, sex, religion, physical abilities, economic status, or sexual orientation. NHD does not discriminate against, or limit participation by, physically challenged students. NHD staff and affiliate coordinators strive to accommodate students with special needs.

Are you seeking ways to encorporate Vermont History Day research projects in your classroom? Check out these supportive NHD resources.

Teaching Researching Skills

The official rule book for both the Vermont History Day and the National History Day contests. 

National History Day Rule Book

How does a typical Vermont History Day contest run?

Here are some guidelines for a typical in-person contest day.

  1. Before arrival:
    1. Review the judging criteria
    2. Use the practice questions to prepare for students for their interview with the judges.
  2. At arrival:
    1. Students will pick up their name tags at the registration desk. 
    2. Judging time and location will be listed on each name tag.

More contest day information for specific projects can be found below.